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Version 8.0.20 has a new parameter, that of DBVSERVER_PUBLIC_HOST (parameter public_address in dbvserver.conf)

Rather than accepting the default hostname prompt here, the public-facing IPv4 address of the AWS EC2 instance should be used.  Public-facing IPv4 address that will be supplied to the Agents (Dbvagent) to be used for pushing information back to the Central Console. This is the externally resolvable address supplied to dbvagent, not an additional listener address on dbvserver itself.


It makes sense to have this address a fixed IP address that is persistent after the instance is shut down and restarted.  In AWS this is known as an Elastic IP. However, this resource is an additional cost to the AWS EC2 instances.  If the machines are only to be shut down during a controlled event, then the IP address change on instance restarted can be edited in the /usr/dbvisit/dbvserver/dbvserver.conf before the process is restarted.  This risk of remembering this configuration change needs to be weighed against the cost of a persistent IP versus how often the server will be shut down.