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The Dbvisit Standby Archive Log Management Module fully automates the management and monitoring of the Oracle archive log space on either the primary, standby server or both. Unlike the Oracle database files location, the Oracle archive logs location needs to be monitored and managed constantly to ensure the database continues its optimal operation. If the disk space available to Oracle archive logs is used up, the whole database will "freeze" and not allow any update or insert operation.


Follow the on-screen instructions to install AMM or please see the  Dbvisit Standby Archive log Management Module (AMM) setup section for description of each step.

Image ModifiedHome > Setup > Update Dbvisit > Update Dbvisit Configuration. Choose the AMM settings to update and click on Save Configuration.

Dbvisit Standby Archive Log Management Module variables



The order of precedence in managing the log files are:

  1. If there are log files older than DAYS_TO_KEEP_ARCHSOURCE, then delete these.
  2. If there are more log files than NUM_ARCHSOURCE_TO_KEEP, then delete these (oldest ones first).
  3. If there are more logs that have been backed up by RMAN at least ARCHSOURCE_BACKUP_COUNT times, then delete these.
  4. If the THRESHOLD_ARCHSOURCE < mount point fullness criteria is met, then mark archives for deletion (oldest ones first). The number of archives marked for deletion is HOWMANY_ARCHSOURCE. The archives will only be deleted if DELETE_ARCHSOURCE=Y. After deletion of the archives, and the criteria is still met (THRESHOLD_ARCHSOURCE < mount point fullness), then mark more archives for deletion (number of archives marked for deletion will be again HOWMANY_ARCHSOURCE, and oldest ones first). This process will continue until criteria is no longer met.

If DELETE_ARCHSOURCE=N, then only a warning email will be sent.

No archives will be deleted when the THRESHOLD_ARCHSOURCE < mount point fullness criteria is met.

Setting variable DELETE_ARCHSOURCE=N has no influence over DAYS_TO_KEEP_ARCHSOURCE and NUM_ARCHSOURCE_TO_KEEP. These will still delete archive files when their criteria are met.