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  • License Agreement
  • Do you want the quick setup (recommended)
  • Confirm PATH variable
  • Confirm /etc/oratab location
  • Select Database to be configured in a standby configuration
  • Confirm operating system account – oracle
  • Confirm Dbvnet port to be used (7890)
  • Specify if compression should be used
  • Confirm server name
  • Confirm repository user (dbvisit7) and password
  • Provide ASM SID if used (+ASM if using Single instance and +ASM1 or +ASM2 etc if using RAC - specify the ASM instance that is running on this server)
  • Provide standby server name
  • Provide name for standby database
  • Confirm software Dbvisit Base directory on standby server
  • Specify the Dbvisit ARCHDEST location


    Please note that the Dbvisit Standby ARCHDEST location must exist on both primary (if using RAC - on all primary nodes) and standby server. It must be located on normal filesystem, not ASM. This location is not the same as the Oracle Database archive destinations, but is specific to Dbvisit Standby.

    The Dbvisit Standby ARCHDEST should not be located in the primary or standby database FRA (Fast/Flash Recovery Area).

    It is also important to make sure that you do not have the Dbvisit ARCHDEST set to the same as what you database archive log destination is. The ARCHDEST is specific to Dbvisit Standby and is not the same as the Oracle database archive log destinations, and should not be set to a different location.

    The Dbvisit Standby ARCHDEST can not be specified as an ASM location.

  • Provide ASM SID for standby server, if used (+ASM for single instance environments, but if the standby is located on a RAC environment make sure to specify the RAC ASM instance on that node, example +ASM1 or +ASM2 etc.)
  • Provide email settings for email notifications
  • Confirm if the Archivelog Management Module (AMM) should be used on primary and standby
  • Review settings and provide a name for your DDC (ORACLE_SID in most cases)
  • DDC file is created in ../dbvisit/standby/conf/
  • The Dbvisit Repository is created in the primary database