1.  Introduction

This document is intended for a technical audience. Experience with the Oracle database and standby databases is necessary to install Dbvisit Standby. 
Experience with Linux is necessary to install Dbvisit Standby on Linux. 
Experience with UNIX is necessary to install Dbvisit Standby on UNIX. 
Experience with Microsoft Windows is necessary to install Dbvisit Standby on Microsoft Windows.
Some features described in this manual will only apply to the latest version of Dbvisit Standby version 8.0.x

2.  Contact Information

Dbvisit Standby Support Service desk: http://support.dbvisit.com 
Please include Dbvisit Standby trace files to ensure a fast turnaround on support issues. 
Please see the Dbvisit website: www.dbvisit.com for other up to date contact information.

On this page:

3.  Copyright Notice

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All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notification.
This document is the property of Dbvisit Software Limited. Dbvisit Standby is a product of Dbvisit Software Limited.
This software product is licensed, not sold.
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4.  Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

By installing, using and running this software you agree that Dbvisit Software Limited and their associated companies and partners will not be held responsible for anything related to installing or running Dbvisit Standby.

By installing, using and running this software you agree with the terms and conditions displayed during the installation process of Dbvisit Standby.

For the complete Dbvisit Standby license agreement (LA) see:

Some of the features described in this document only apply to the latest version of Dbvisit Standby.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

5.  Important Notice

Oracle strongly recommends that all NOLOGGING operations be avoided in the primary database.

Oracle will not be able to keep the standby database consistent with the primary database during nologging operations.

To ensure this does not happen, Oracle introduced the command (version 9i and above):


This ensures that all database write operations are logged and the standby database will be consistent.

6. DbvisitUniversity: Dbvisit Standby Training

Certification Training

This course covers:

  • Installation Prerequisites & Installation
  • Performing a Graceful Switchover and Failover
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and housekeeping


  • 14 units of learning materials, each unit comprising of interactive content; including links to relevant reading materials, demonstration videos, interviews with our product expert and Oracle ACE Anton Els, and fun and informative animated videos.
  • Online test environments so you can test what you've learned. 
  • Downloadable takeaway guides for your quick reference. 

Successful completion of the Dbvisit Standby Essentials training course will see you become a member of our globally recognized Dbvisit Standby Certified Associates Program, and you will receive a certificate to show off these credentials.




On-Demand Learning

Dbvisit Standby & ODA 

Unlock your data's full potential for less! Join Oracle ACE and Dbvisit Standby product expert, Anton Els as he takes you through the setup and implementation of Dbvisit Standby on Oracle's new ODA machines. This course takes one hour to complete.