Command Reference

Any of the commands described in the reference can be given directly on the command line or fed using standard input or script file:

  • Interactively, at the prompt
  • On the command line ( dbvrep command )
  • In file read by @/read command ( dbvrep @file or @file at prompt)
  • In file fed to standard inout (cat file | dbvrep )

Command-line only options

In addition, command line accepts these options:

  • --ddcfile – read DDC file
  • --V – see VERSION command
  • --pause – will pause before exiting the script (useful to prevent window from closing)
  • --daemon – become a background process
  • --no-checkdb – do not connect to mine and apply databases on start and skip checks of repository version etc.
  • --netkey – network authorization password (alternative way to set NETWORK_TRAFFIC_KEY variable, please see Network Encryption)
  • --no-ddcdb – disable the LOAD DDCDB command
  • --silent – suppress the header information from displaying