Installing and Upgrading

Installing Dbvisit Replicate

The complete installation of Dbvisit Replicate takes less than 5 minutes.  Restarting the database or the server is not required.

Dbvisit Replicate only consists of one executable. This executable is called: dbvrep

The dbvrep executable contains:

  • MINE process
  • APPLY process
  • FETCHER process
  • Dbvisit Replicate console
  • Oracle client
  • Ensure all installation prerequisites are met before continuing with installation. 
  • Dbvisit Replicate software needs to be installed on source and target server.
  • In RAC environment, Dbvisit Replicate must be installed on all RAC nodes.

Installation Instructions are available on following pages.

  1. Installation on Windows
  2. Installation on Linux

Upgrading Instructions are available on following pages.

  1. Upgrading on Windows
  2. Upgrading on Linux

Points to Remember during Upgrade from 2.7 and 2.8

  1. Login as privileged user and grant the below to dbvrep repository user.
SQL> grant execute on dbms_system to dbvrep;

In the above example dbvrep is the repository user.

    2. If your source or target is 12.2 linux please use Dbvisit Replicate versions compiled specifically for OEL6 and OEL7 when installing , the oracle 12.2 client libraries are included in this build .

You can also follow the knowledge base article to upgrade the Dbvisit replicate version from 2.7 to 2.9.