Step by Step Configuration Example

This example show an Oracle-to-Oracle one-way replication using the following information.

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Source databaseorcl_src
Source serverdbvisit71
Target databaseorcl_tgt
Target serverdbvisit72
TNS alias for source database:   orcl_src
TNS alias for target databaseorcl_tgt


Throughout the wizard, defaults are shown in [brackets]. Just press enter to accept them. The replication name in this example is "orcl". 


oracle@dbvlin701[/home/oracle/v28/replicate]:  ./dbvrep
Dbvisit Replicate version 2.8
Copyright (C) Dbvisit Software Limited.  All rights reserved.
No DDC file loaded.
Run "setup wizard" to start the configuration wizard or try "help" to see all commands available.
dbvrep> setup wizard                                                                                                     

This wizard configures Dbvisit Replicate.
The setup wizard creates configuration scripts, which need to be run after the wizard ends. No changes to the databases are made before that.
The progress is saved every time a list of databases, replications, etc. is shown. It will be re-read if wizard is restarted and the same DDC name and
script path is selected.
Run the wizard now? [Yes]                                                                                                
Accept end-user license agreement? (View/Yes/No) [View] Yes                                                               

Before starting the actual configuration, some basic information is needed. The DDC name and script path determines where all files created by the wizard go (and where to reread them if wizard is rerun) and the license key determines which options are available for this configuration.
(DDC_NAME) - Please enter a name for this replication: [] sample                                                         
(LICENSE_KEY) - Please enter your license key: [(trial)]                                                                 

Which Replicate edition do you want to trial (LTD/XTD/MAX): [MAX]                                                        
(SETUP_SCRIPT_PATH) - Please enter a directory for location of configuration scripts on this machine:[/home/oracle/sample]                                                                                

Network configuration files were detected on this system in these locations:

(TNS_ADMIN) - Please enter TNS configuration directory for this machine:                                                  [/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/network/admin]  /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/network/admin