Data instantiation for non Oracle (Creating the Starting Point )

Before data replication can start, the target database must have a copy of the database objects that are going to be replicated. It is also highly desirable that the data in the objects to be replicated are also completely in sync. If the data is not in sync before replication starts, there is a strong possibility that data conflicts can occur. For instance if a record is updated or deleted on the source database that does not exist on the target database.

It is important that the replication starts at the same point as when the source and target data are in sync so that no changes are lost when replication starts. This is done through capturing the Oracle SCN (System Change Number) at the point the table is "prepared" in Dbvisit Replicate.

Only when the target database is Oracle, Dbvisit Replicate assists in creating and setting the starting point without any outage on the source database. But when the target database is not Oracle, then this will have to be done manually causing outage on the source database. Please note that when replication start, source and target objects must be in sync leaving no scope for conflicts in replication due to data divergence. Therefore in production environment, configuration of Dbvisit Replicate should be done when source database is idle. 

There are various tools available in market to load data from Oracle to MySQL and SQL Server.  In addition to our LOAD function that is available for creating a starting point there are various third party tools including but not limited to: Microsoft's free SSMA tool or Navicat Premium