Target Database: MySQL

In all replications, source must be an Oracle database. Thus, two-way replication with MySQL is not supported.
All target tables must be stored in InnoDB engine, as Dbvisit Replicate depends on correct transaction handling (such as rollback) to reliably restart after a shutdown or failure. The internal tables are stored in InnoDB engine as well.

For datatype mapping between Oracle and MySQL please see Supported Platforms


To check if all target tables are stored in InnoDB:



To convert the table to InnoDB:

mysql> ALTER TABLE <table_name> ENGINE=INNODB;

Currently, no DDL replication is supported for MySQL, with the exception of the Truncate command.

For Dbvisit Replicate to connect to a MySQL database, a MySQL client installation is required. A MySQL client installation is required for:

  • Server that runs the setup wizard 
  • Server that runs the MINE process
  • Server that runs the Dbvisit Replicate command console


  • Navicat Premium can be used to load data from oracle to MySQL in order to sync source and target environment before initiating replication.
  • Currently, no DDL replication is supported for Oracle to MySQL Replication.