Pre- and Post-processing

It is possible to schedule your own pre- or post processing script as part of the Dbvisit Standby execution.  A good example of doing this is if you want to execute your own custom code to perform certain tasks before or after Dbvisit Standby sends or apply logs; or it can be to execute a script after you have opened the standby database read-only to start reporting extracts or any other custom code you would want to execute.


This section will provide you with an overview of how you can how you can do this.  Please note that this option of executing pre- or post processing scripts was available in earlier releases and therefor this section will be split into two sections:

  • Pre- and Post-processing using PRE_POST_PROCESSING (new in version 7)
    This is the new recommended way where one script is used for both pre- and post-processing.  
    This script will be passed parameters indicating if it should execute pre or post tasks and what the Dbvisit Standby process is that is being called. 


  • Pre- and Post-processing using DBV_PRE_PROC and DBV_POST_PROC (version 6)
    This section will cover the pre- and post-processing options as was available in Dbvisit Standby version 6.  
    This option is still available in version 7 for backward compatibility, but it is recommended that you migrate to using the PRE_POST_PROCESSING parameter using one script to handle both pre- and post-processing.