Data divergence

Data divergence is when data differences occur between source and target environments. Dbvisit Replicate's conflict detection ensures notifications are raised before there is a possibility of data divergence. Maintaining good conflict resolution processes will ensure that the data will be in sync between the source and target environments. 

As Dbvisit Replicate offers very robust and complete notification it is important to configure these according to specific thresholds to ensure the replication does not fall behind too far where the data divergence becomes unmanageable.

When do I know my data is in sync?

If the progress in the Dbvisit Replicate console shows 100% complete for all tables and reported conflicts did not cause data divergence then your data is in sync.

If Dbvisit Replicate console does not list all the tables because there are too many to fit in the console windows, then the following options are available:

  • Run command: "list progress". This will give you a static output of the progress
  • Run command "NOTIFY SEND DAILY_PROGRESS" and this will email the progress report

Also please see Comparing the data between source and target