SYS Logon Settings

Dbvisit Standby can be configured to make use of user authentication.  The user will need the sysdba permission and it is recommended that if this method is required, that the user SYS be used.

Dbvisit Standby is not making use of connections to the database via the listener, but is making local connections.  Example connection string used is:  sql>  connect sys/<your_sys_password> as sysdba

Variables are sorted alphabetically in the table below

Variable Name



Dbvisit Standby does not require an Oracle password as it uses OS authentication by default. Example "connect / as sysdba".

However, these variables can be used to enable Dbvisit Standby to logon as a SYS user using the sysdba role. Example "connect sys/password as sysdba"

This may be required when SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) cannot be set or a password file cannot be used.

The SYS_LOGON variable enable or disable this feature.

Possible values are Yes or No (default). If you are not sure, set to No or leave blank.





Name of the user to logon to the database. It is recommended to use the "SYS" user when using these variables.

Is only affected if SYS_LOGON = Yes. If you are not sure leave blank.


SYS_USER = sys



Use this variable to specify the password of SYS_USER.

Is only affective if SYS_LOGON = Yes and SYS_USER is set.


    _SYS_PASSWD = not_tiger


If ENCRYPT_PASSWDS = Yes, then the password will be encrypted in the DDC file as follows:

    _SYS_PASSWD = ENCRYPT8F87092545A76234


The logon string to the database. It is not recommended to change this from the default value "as sysdba". Only change this if instructed by Dbvisit Support.

Is only affective if SYS_LOGON = Yes and SYS_USER is set.

Default value is "as sysdba"


SYS_LOGON_STRING = as sysdba