Using a Delay Lag on Standby Apply

If you want to enforce an apply delay, meaning you want to keep your standby behind your primary database, you can make use of the Dbvisit Standby APPLY_DELAY_LAG_MINUTES parameter.

This value can be set in the DDC file. In the example below APPLY_DELAY_LAG_MINUTES = 10 is set.

As you can see on the apply side this value is taken into account, and the standby database is recovered but with a 10 minute delay.

oracle@dbvlin502[/usr/dbvisit/standby]: ./dbvisit proddb
Dbvisit Standby Database Technology ( (pid 7008)
dbvisit started on dbvlin502: Fri Aug 23 11:10:07 2013 ()

>>> Log file(s) for proddb from dbvlin501 will be applied to dbvlin502
    Taking into account APPLY_DELAY_LAG_MINUTES=10
201308231110 - Log seq 5435 thread 1 applied to standby database proddb.

>>> Dbvisit Archive Management Module (AMM)

    Config: number of archives to keep      = 0
    Config: number of days to keep archives = 7
    Config: diskspace full threshold        = 80%

Processing /u01/app/oracle/archive/proddb...
    Archive log dir: /u01/app/oracle/archive/proddb
    Total number of archive files   : 18
    Number of archive logs deleted = 0
    Current Disk percent full       : 22%

dbvisit ended on dbvlin502: Fri Aug 23 11:10:15 2013