Performing a Graceful Switchover

One of the key options provided by Dbvisit Standby is the option to perform a Graceful Switchover (GS). This process should be executed in a controlled manner with both primary and standby databases functional and up to date. When performing a GS there is no data loss as this is done in a controlled manner. The GS commands should be executed on both the primary and standby server, and a unique number is specified as an additional check. This number does not get used for anything else. The command used to start the GS process is:

./dbv_oraStartStop switchover <DDC> <UniqueNumber>

You need to run the log gap report before you perform Graceful switchover, If "Archive log gap" and "Transfer log gap" is more than 1. Make sure you Send/Apply Logs.

Note: In Oracle RAC Environment if "Archive log gap" and "Transfer log gap" is 1, then this is normal you can still perform Graceful switchover.


This command can be executed in any order, but is normally first on the primary then the standby, for example:


oracle@dbvlin501[/usr/dbvisit/standby]: ./dbv_oraStartStop switchover proddb 1111



oracle@dbvlin502[/usr/dbvisit/standby]: ./dbv_oraStartStop switchover proddb 1111


The output of these commands are long, and only the commands themselves are shown in this section. The GS process can take a number of minutes depending on the size and amount of redo logs.