Standby Archive log Management Module (AMM)

Please see Archive log Management Module (AMM) for more information on AMM.

Variable NameMeaning

Specifies if the AMM module to manage the archive log files is turned on or off on the standby server.

Values are Yes or No

  • Yes = Turn on AMM on standby server.
  • No = Turn off AMM on standby server.

If you are not sure, set to Yes.



DAYS_TO_KEEP_ARCHDESTSpecifies the number of days to keep the Oracle log files on the standby server.
After this the log files will be removed from the server.
To disable this setting, set to 0.
If you are not sure, set to 7.
NUM_ARCHDEST_TO_KEEPSpecifies the number of archive log files to keep on the standby server.
Log files greater than this number will be removed (oldest first).
To disable this setting, set to 0.
If you are not sure, set to 0 (disable).
THRESHOLD_ARCHDESTSpecifies the threshold in percentage (%) of how much disk space may be taken up by the Oracle log files on disk before an alert is triggered on the standby server.
80 means at 80% disk space full an alert will be triggered.
Please specify threshold as an integer. 
If you are not sure, set to 80.
DELETE_ARCHDESTSpecifies if (archive) log files should be deleted once the percentage threshold (THRESHOLD_ARCHDEST) on the standby server is reached.
Once the threshold is reached oldest (archive) log files are deleted first. 
The log files WILL have been applied to the standby database.
(There is no verification that these log files have been backed up).
Values are Yes or No
Yes = Let Dbvisit Standby delete archive log files once percentage threshold is met. 
No = Dbvisit Standby will only alert when percentage threshold is met (no log files will be deleted). 
If you are not sure, set to No.
This setting has no influence whether (archive) log files are deleted for DAYS_TO_KEEP_ARCHDEST or NUM_ARCHDEST_TO_KEEP.
These settings will delete (archive) log files once the percentage threshold is met.