Dbvisit Standby configuration variables (DDC)

Dbvisit Standby is highly configurable and there are many variables that affect the configuration, processing and options of Dbvisit Standby. These configuration variables are present in the Dbvisit Standby Database Configuration (DDC) file associated with each database. The DDC file is an ascii file and is similar in style to the init.ora file. To change the settings in the DDC file please see the Updating the Dbvisit Standby Database Configuration (DDC) file.\

The following lists the configuration variables and their usage.
Please note:

1. In most cases, quotes or double quotes are not required around the values.

2. Variables may be UPPERCASE or lowercase.

3. The following settings are equivalent:

a. Yes

b. YES

c. Y


a. No

b. NO

c. N

4. Spaces are allowed. The following is equivalent:

SOURCE = dbvisit11