Resending (archive) logs

If for any reason the specific log files from the primary database have to be resent to the standby database the following command can be used.

On the primary database server:

dbvisit -r <sequence_number> <DDC>

Where DDC is the name of the Dbvisit Database Configuration. In most cases this is the same as the database name. The DDC refers to the DDC file name which is in the form: dbv_DDC.env and contains the Dbvisit Standby settings for a particular primary and standby configuration.

Where sequence_number is the log sequence number from which you want to start sending.

For example:


 dbvisit -r 229 dbvisitp 
Dbvisit Standby Database technology
dbvisit started on dbvisit11
Log file(s) for dbvisitp will be transferred from dbvisit11 to dbvisit12...
200608292337 - 5 Log transfer(s) for dbvisitp completed.
Last sequence was 233.
dbvisit ended on dbvisit11
Where dbvisitp is the name of the database, and 229 is the starting log sequence number to resend

Home > Run > Run Interactive > Primary Server tab > select Database from drop-down menu > select Resend Sequence from Run Action drop-down menu > Run

Enter a sequence number.

All log files starting from the sequence specified until the current log sequence on the primary database, will be transferred to the standby database. No contact is made with the standby database.
The resend sequence specified must be >1.