Updating the DDC file

DDC file

Dbvisit Standby is highly configurable and the settings can be easily changed. All the Dbvisit Standby settings are located in the Dbvisit Standby Database Configuration (DDC) file. The DDC file is the equivalent of the pfile of Oracle. The Dbvisit Standby configuration is unique per database. There will be a DDC file on the primary server and on the standby server. See the Glossary of terms for a further explanation of the DDC file.  

The DDC file only needs to be updated on the primary server. By default, the DDC file on the standby server is automatically synced (unless SYNCH_DBVISIT_INSTALL = No)

Methods to update the DDC file

There are three methods to update the DDC file for a specific database:

 1. Edit the DDC file manually for the specific database. For example, for database dbvisitp, the DDC file will be called dbv_dbvisitp.env. For database w102n, the DDC file will be called dbv_w102n.env.

2. Run the Dbvisit Standby setup utility (dbvisit_setup) and choose option:

*6) Update Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file

3. To update the DDC file through the web based interface go to Home > Setup > Update Dbvisit > Update Configuration and click Save Configuration.

This will display all settings and give the ability to update the settings. Once a setting is selected to be updated, the menu will explain what the setting is used for and possible defaults. The Dbvisit Standby setup utility will create a new DDC file and save a backup copy of the existing DDC file.

The advanced setting cannot be updated through the dbvisit_setup or web-based method. The advanced settings must be edited manually. An example of one of the advanced settings is LEAVE_COMPRESS_DEST=N. (Y)es is the default.

Once the DDC file has been changed, this file will be automatically replicated to the standby server the next time Dbvisit Standby executes on the primary server. If SYNCH_DBVISIT_INSTALL=Y (default). 

It can also be replicated to the standby server manually with the following command on the primary server:


dbvisit -c dbvisitp
Where dbvisitp is the name of the database.

DO NOT edit the dbv_ORACLE_SID.env template file!

Oracle RAC

In an Oracle RAC configuration, there will be a Dbvisit Standby Database Configuration (DDC) file for every instance in the primary Oracle RAC. Example, if there is a RAC database called RACDB with 2 instances called RACDB1 and RACDB2, the DDC will be called:


Multiple standby databases

If running multiple standby databases for the same primary database, then there will be a DDC file for each standby database with a unique name.
For example: dbv_orcl.env and dbv_orcl2.env.
Each DDC file will have to be updated separately. Please see Multiple standby databases section for more information.