Uninstalling Dbvisit Standby

To uninstall Dbvisit Standby there are 2 operations necessary:

1. Uninstalling the Dbvisit Standby database repository (DDR) from the Oracle database

2. Uninstalling the Dbvisit software and associated software.

All Dbvisit software is installed under the main Dbvisit directory. There are no shared dll or libraries installed in other locations except in temporary locations.
The complete process is as follows:

1. Run the Dbvisit Standby setup utility on the primary server only



2. For uninstall Dbvisit Standby database repository (DDR) choose option 9:


Dbvisit Standby Database technology

Dbvisit Database setup
Default values will be shown in []

1) New Database setup (combines options 2,3,4)
1a) New RAC Instance setup (combines options 2,3,4)

2) New Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file setup
3) New Dbvisit Archive Management Module (AMM) setup
4) New Dbvisit Database repository (DDR) setup

5) Manage Dbvisit Database repository (DDR)
6) Update Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file

7) Create Standby Database

9) Uninstall Dbvisit Database repository (DDR)

E) Exit
Please enter choice : 9
This must be done separately for every database that uses Dbvisit Standby.

3. Home > Setup > Uninstall. Click on Uninstall Repository.

4. Uninstall the Dbvisit Standby software from primary and standby server – Windows only.

5. Uninstall the Dbvserver software from the primary and standby server – Windows only.

6. Uninstall the Bitvise WinSSHD software (if installed) from primary and standby server – Windows only.

7. Uninstall the Bitvise Tunnelier software (if installed) from primary and standby server – Windows only.

8. Remove Dbvisit install directory and all of its contents and subdirectories – Linux/Unix only.

9. Uninstall complete.