Temp files

Dbvisit Standby produces temporary files in the TMP* directory every time Dbvisit Standby executes.
The temporary files are automatically deleted when Dbvisit Standby finishes execution.
If REMOVE_TEMP_FILE is set to N (default is Yes), then all temporary files will be NOT be deleted when Dbvisit Standby has completed processing. This setting does not apply to Dbvisit Standby trace files. These will always be created.

Dbvisit Standby trace files

Dbvisit Standby trace files are files that are created every time Dbvisit Standby executes. Dbvisit Standby trace files can be sent to Dbvisit support for fast issue resolution.
Trace files are created in the TMP* directory. The trace filename will start with a number, then the name dbvisit, then the database name and then the timestamp and will end with extension .trc.
Since Dbvisit Standby version 5.1.19, Dbvisit Standby trace files are automatically deleted according to settings:


= The number of trace files to keep after which trace files are deleted.


= The number of days to keep the trace files after which trace files are deleted.
Default settings are:


Least restrictive setting applies between DAYS_TO_KEEP_TRACE and NUM_TRACE_TO_KEEP.
To turn off, set to 0.
Prior to version 5.1.19 Dbvisit Standby trace files are not removed.

Dbvisit Standby log files

The Dbvisit Standby log file (dbvisit.hist) and the Dbvisit Standby archive management module log file (<DDC>_arch_management.log) will automatically be kept at a specific s ize based on the following settings:


LOG_FILE_ROTATE_MAX indicates how many backups are made of the log files before it is overwritten.

The first backup will be: dbvisit_hist.log.1

The second backup will be: dbvisit_hist.log.2

LOG_FILE_SIZE_MAX_MB indicates the size of the log file before the log file is rotated as above.


This setting ensures the maximum size of the Dbvisit Standby log file will be 5MB. If the log file is greater than 5MB, it will be copied to a backup log file.
This setting ensures there will be 5 backup versions of the Dbvisit Standby log file before backup versions of the log file will be overwritten.

  • The TMP directory location can be found in the DDC file for the database.